• Access to all training sessions we organise, and receive travel assistance if applicable
  • Access to our online seminar archive of past training sessions
  • Access to all our social events
  • Access our private email discussion forum and closed Facebook group
  • Receive our printed magazine The Echo
  • Receive our monthly e-newsletter The Herald with news relevant to the sound community
  • 25% off premium Mandy (previously known as Stage Jobs Pro membership
  • 30 free sound effect downloads (worth $150) of your choosing from Pro Sound Effects, and 20% off libraries and licenses you purchase through them (excludes Hybrid Libraries)
  • Access our ASD Benefits scheme

This category is open to all students aged 18 or over on a full time post-secondary course of study. We ask that when you apply you provide proof of your student status (such as a photo of your student ID). Student membership is limited to five years. Please note Associate Members do not receive Public Liability or Professional Indemnity Insurance.


If you are a UK-based ASD member living more than 50 miles from where the ASD are holding a training session, the ASD may pay part of your travel costs to get you there. Student members may receive 50% of the cost of the price paid for rail travel, up to the cost of 50% of a standard saver return rail fare. If you travel by means other than train, you can submit relevant receipts, but the maximums above will still apply. The scheme does not apply to seminars run at trade shows, i.e. PLASA, ABTT, etc, to seminars run by our members, or to social events. See here for more details.


Pro Sound Effects are pleased to offer ASD members 30 free downloads (worth $150)  from our online library of over 215,000 sounds, collected from libraries such as BBC, Blastwave FX, Boom Library, Sonopedia and Soundrangers. And a 20% discount on libraries or licenses you wish to purchase (excludes Hybrid Library). Please note the 30 free downloads are a once only offer rather than refreshing annually.


In conjunction with Parliament Hill, we are offering a range of benefits and discounts to our members, including discounts on Apple products, car hire, hotel rooms, travel insurance and a range of other products.

Terms and Conditions

Our terms and conditions are outlined here. You will be asked to agree to them when you join. The ASD withholds the right to vary or withdraw any of these services at any time, without notice. 


The membership year runs from September 1st to August 31st.

The fees due per annum for Student Membership are £30.

If you join in September or October, you will be charged the full rate to carry your membership through to the following September 1st. If you going between November and May your membership fee will be calculated pro-rata until the following September 1st. Should you join in June, July or August, to avoid you having to almost immediately renew your membership, your membership will be extended to the September of the following year and so will cost more than the annual rate. 

If you are self-employed or a company, the cost of ASD membership is tax deductible as a professional subscription.

Your membership will automatically renew each year, and you will be asked to sign up for recurring payments and you will be sent an invoice at the start of the next membership year. If you wish to cancel your membership please contact us at any time.


You can apply to join at the bottom of this page where you will be taken to our member portal website.
You will be asked to fill out your personal information which will form your public profile in our published directories.
Finally you'll be transferred to the PayPal website for payment. if you do not have a PayPal account you can still pay using your credit or debit card simply click "Pay with a Credit/Debit card" on the PayPal website.

Once payment has been received you will then receive an automated email from us asking you to provide proof of student status. Once received your application will be reviewed, usually within 48 hours of receipt. Once accepted you will receive an email from us detailing access to the email forum and Facebook group, and full access to the website will be unlocked.

If we don't hear from you, or we feel you don't meet the criteria for a category we will either move you to Associate Membership and refund the difference, or fully refund your money.